Number of Houses in ….. ?

Quite often, customers call us requesting a quote to deliver ‘xyz’ amount of leaflets into ‘area abc’; which is fine…

Usually, if they’ve called a competitor first, they’ll be armed with a rough number of houses in their chosen delivery area…

A enquiry that recently stood out at myself (which made alarm bells ring) was the TS5 area of Middlesbrough, which includes Acklam, Tollesby, Kader, Trimdon/Brookfield and Linthorpe. Now, at the time of writing this, I know the figure is around 15,000 – 15,500 properties (without checking our property counts).

A customer had called another local leaflet distribution company in Middlesbrough for a quote. They were advised that they would need 30,000 (yep, thirty thousand leaflets) to cover the full area…

Now, I was told they’re only charging £20 per 1000… That’s £600! We mentioned that the actually figure was 50% less than they’ve been told and that we’ll need to charge £25 per 1000. You do the maths.

We recently distributed 12,000 local magazines into that postcode, well to be precise, we had a few damaged magazines, the customer took 60 off us, we delivered around 14,780 – 14,795 and to the side is a screenshot from the GPS tracking (that we provide as standard) proving that we have delivered to the houses/areas requested (we weigh all flyers, but there was no need to weigh these magazines because they conveniently came in bundles of 60)!

For an honest, expert, friendly (insert another key phrase here that will tick all of the boxes) service… Most importantly, if you want your leaflets actually delivered, call us (GPSLD) on 01642 946 946. Get a quote online here.


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