Ticking all the boxes @GPSLDUK

The simple question is, do you want your leaflets (or menus, magazines etc) delivered on time in the correct areas? YES!

Of course, we understand this all boils down to cost, but you’ve heard the old saying ‘pay peanuts, get monkeys’. Does that sound familiar? YES!

Why should you pay upfront, regardless of the price per 1000 and not know if your leaflets have been delivered? We don’t agree with this, so what we’re doing is doing the work upfront and getting paid upon completion. At the time of writing this post, GPS Leaflet Distribution is the only business in the North East of England that offers this service. It says a lot about us and our reputation.

So, if you want your leaflets delivering do not hesitate in contacting us on 01642 946 946. We’re not the cheapest. Cheap isn’t always better! If you pay peanuts, your leaflets will most probably go in a bin near you! If you want them delivering professionally and quickly, using GPSLD is a no brainer as we aim to deliver your leaflets first, then ask for the money owed… Can’t get any fairer than that can you?

Afterall, we’re a business like yourself at the end of the day, we have overheads.

Book early to avoid dissappointment! Contact the office on 01642 946 946.

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