Royal Mail or GPSLD?

Royal Mail are charging upto £65 per 1000 leaflets delivered providing they weigh under 20g.

We charge a little more than that… Which service you choose; probably RM, right?

Let’s look into this a little further…

When RM deliver the normal mail it works out cheaper for them to deliver their leaflets and they don’t have a limit to the amount of leaflets they’re delivering per letterbox. I’ve known RM to deliver 5 leaflets + mail. Meaning they’re receiving £325 per 1000 and paying the postman minimum wage! From experience it is a pain in the backside to deliver 4 leaflets per letterbox (I’ve tried it) & customer’s don’t like it! You can guess where those 5 leaflets are going! This is classed as as shared delivery – we would deliver the same leaflets with a maximum of 2 other non competing leaflets for £30 per 1000.

When @GPSLDUK deliver for ‘more than £65’ per 1000 it’s a premium service where ONLY your leaflet is delivered in its own!

Now who would you choose to deliver your leaflets? Would you choose RM @ £65 per 1000 or choose us @ £30 (or even £25) per 1000?

Have a think about it, the more leaflets are delivered the less likely you are to get any response as people class it as junk.

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