Quality does count in leaflet distribution terms!

Quite often I’m asked how do I guarantee that leaflets are delivered, and in some cases I am a customers last resort especially after a bad experience with other distribution companies in the past.

I totally understand where the customer is coming from, infact it absolutely narks me!

What I’ll do in these circumstances is say right, give me your leaflets, agree distribution areas, we’ll go out and do the job and all that I ask is that I am paid as soon as the customer is happy that they’ve been delivered, which by the way is backed up with our GPS tracking system and printed highlighted maps from the distribution team… You can’t get fairer than that can you?

Whether it’s 1000 leaflets or 100,000+ we have the ability to deliver anywhere in the North East of England.

Contact us today to discuss your distribution requirements, tel: 01642 946 946 / 01325 586 586.

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