Leaflet Design Tips

Designing can be anything – advertisements, announcements, invitations – and take on a variety of shapes and sizes. They’re blank canvases waiting for a creative purpose. Maybe that purpose is to promote a concert, fundraiser, or event.

Or perhaps it’s to market a new business or advertise a grand opening. A flyer can be tailored to any marketing purpose! Here’s our best tips…


  • Make It Eye-Catching
  • Consider the use of Colours
  • Content (don’t clutter it)
  • Clear & Concise
  • Integrate YOUR branding
  • Strong headline
  • Call to Action (telephone call / % off a visit / coupon redemption)

We can help with the flyer design, from as little as £25! Call our office on 01642 946 946 to get your flyer campaign onto a flying start (sorry for the pun).


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