How To Clone GPS Tracking Data – Beware!!!

Don’t be fooled by ordinary GPS tracking devices, especially ones that are not live GPS tracked. Why would you want to view GPS tracking days / weeks after your leaflets have been delivered? If you use a reputable company, you’ll of had some new customers off the efforts of the delivery company!

Be wary of non live GPS tracking… Why?

It can be cloned!

It only takes a company to ‘genuinely’ deliver to a set area, then they have the GPS tracking coordinates on file… It’s as simple as copy and paste. So they can potentially distribute to each popular area once, so they hit all the houses. They’ve then got a catalogue of areas they’ve covered and they can simply copy and paste the gpx data to pass onto the customer; fooling the customer.

VIDEO: How to copy GPS data using MapMyRun (same principle with any GPS tracker). Source: Youtube –

You won’t get none of that with our services, it’s all LIVE GPS TRACKED. We provide access to the tracking usually within 30 minutes of the job starting, so customers have the opportunity to ‘see for themselves’. In order for us to create GPS tracking, our delivery staff have to physically walk. Luckily, our systems cannot be altered or tampered with to make it look like we have done the route(s).

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