Common Leaflet Distribution Problems

A common fault with local leaflet distribution companies is consistency & reliability

This is a growing concern for all types of businesses as other companies simply cannot provide a service by proving exactly where each flyer has been distributed. You then have the problems of missed roads, missed houses, only one side of the road has been covered and the dreaded telephone call from Mrs. Jones at number 9 kindly informing you that a box of your leaflets have been dumped in her hedge line.

Customers get 100% Peace of Mind when using our live GPS tracked leaflet distribution service

We, at GPS Leaflet Distribution have the solution. It’s total transparencyreliablityand our live GPS tracking application which is further backed up by our 6 years of experience, upto date property countsprecise mapping and live radio communication between our office, and all delivery staff on the ground; as sometimes we do get things wrong. For e.g. a distributor may deliver leaflets to a road already previously covered, but it’s no problem for us as each job is thoroughly monitored, it just takes a quick radio call to the distributor to inform them and to issue new instructions or tell them to have a look at the tracking.

By having up to date property counts for each area that we cover with mapping boundaries, this all corresponds with our tracking app and the number of leaflets we weigh.

This is our main service, which proves exactly where each flyer is physically being delivered. Updating every 5 seconds, it ensures both sides of the roads are covered.

Without our expert mapping and GPS tracking, we couldn’t possibly monitor output. We do this because we’re 100% transparent and we know that it’s our reputation at stake.

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