Common Leaflet Distribution Problems

A common fault with local leaflet distribution companies is consistency & reliability This is a growing concern for all types of businesses as other companies simply cannot provide a service by proving exactly where each flyer has been distributed. You then have the problems of missed roads, missed houses, only one side of the road has been covered and the dreaded … Continue Reading

Ticking all the boxes @GPSLDUK

The simple question is, do you want your leaflets (or menus, magazines etc) delivered on time in the correct areas? YES! Of course, we understand this all boils down to cost, but you’ve heard the old saying ‘pay peanuts, get monkeys’. Does that sound familiar? YES! Why should you pay upfront, regardless of the price … Continue Reading

That’s too cheap!

When you’re looking for a distribution firm to work for you, it’s pretty simple… Most people would call around to gather quotes. Have you noticed, ‘cheap’ always comprises the quality and service. You’ve probably experienced this before with other providers. If you pay that little bit extra per 1000 leaflets delivered – then you’ve got … Continue Reading

Royal Mail or GPSLD?

Royal Mail are charging upto £65 per 1000 leaflets delivered providing they weigh under 20g. We charge a little more than that… Which service you choose; probably RM, right? Let’s look into this a little further… When RM deliver the normal mail it works out cheaper for them to deliver their leaflets and they don’t … Continue Reading

Would you like more customers?

A leaflet distribution campaign delivers results when done properly- and we can do it properly! We can provide thenfull shebang from design to print and distribution throughout Teesside. We are the ONLY LEAFLET DELIVERY COMPANY IN TEESSIDE that provide LIVE GPS TRACKING… That is why more local businesses are choosing us for leaflet distribution in … Continue Reading

Very Cheap Leaflet Distribution – Wait a Sec!

When you’re looking for a leaflet distribution compamy to work with, the easy option is to phone around and get a few quotes. Unfortunately, when you do that, it means that you have nothing else to compare the companies against and you end up just going for the cheaper option. But have you noticed, when you … Continue Reading

Leaflet Distribution Facts

Myth: The majority of consumers do not like receiving marketing material through their letterbox. Fact: As many as 79% of recipients keep, pass on or glance at leaflet distribution items: 38% keep it for a few days, whilst 13% retain it for a week or more. Myth: Consumers don’t find door drop marketing useful. Fact: … Continue Reading

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